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Diamond Cutting

With the relatively small number of specialist diamond cut wheel repairers, there has usually been a fairly long wait for work to be completed and sometimes almost scandalous pricing! Here at AHC we offer a 24-48 hour turn around time, collection and delivery service within Oxfordshire (trade only) and very competitive pricing.

Our latest repair techniques from Germany allows just the face of the wheel to be refinished, if required, rather than  the whole wheel, thus saving you time and money. We also have the ability to add metal to badly kerbed wheels, often saving usually unrepairable diamond cut wheels which have been repaired more than twice.  All our wheels are Iron phosphorous dipped to prevent corrosion, then finished in a very durable 'powder coat' polyester laquer.  This allows us to refit tyres and rebalance wheels,  without marking, 2 hours after painting. Not only is this very time efficient, it is also a far superior and harder finish than most repairers wet paint finish, which marks easily and takes hours to achieve full cure.  Powder coat polyester lacquer is also the standard finish on all OEM wheels.

We also diamond cut normal alloys with our state of the art diamond cutting lathe, transforming your normal alloy wheels to diamond cut alloys. Most diamond cutting services are unable to diamond cut large wheels from vehicles such as Range Rovers because their lathes are too small, but our diamond cutting lathe can take up to a 24 inch wheel.